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Jan. 2nd, 2013

For the first time in forever I actually have to wait for my train on the transfer so I figured I'd update


I've been in NY almost 2 weeks now and aside from a hiccup or two with my dad, it's been an AMAZING trip. I mean I'm definitely ready to go back to LA because I've been going non stop but being here just reminds me that I not only have incredible friends in LA but NY. I'm grateful to still have my two best friends from HS (even if they're not still friends) They remind me of growing up in all the best ways. I just love them both so much. I got to spend time with people I knew on line but not in person and that's amazing too.

Spent a lot of time with my family too. Brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, cousin, uncle (OMG seriously my iPod will not stop playing boy bands. It is making me even happier than I already am hahaha.) Had a lot of fun with everyone.

I discovered new restaurants, new areas of the city I love. I saw the tree all lit up.

I think that while I still love LA so much I do want to eventually move back here. Because the city is magic in ways LA isn't. One day. No rush.

As for the New Year, no resolutions. I don't keep them. But I have a feeling 2013 is going to be incredible and I can't wait!

Hope everyone had a great holiday season! I'm so not ready for work on Monday though lol. It's been tooooo long!

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auld lang syne (3/3) (castle/beckett fic)

Title: auld lang syne (3/3)
Author: sparkles_mouse
Fandom: Castle
Characters: Castle/Beckett
Rating: R/NC-17 (Please note the change in rating.)
Author's Notes: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
Summary: “I don’t need to be a shrink to know you.” She slides a leg over his waist, straddling him. Her tongue slips over the corner of his mouth, his arms tightening around her, and she bites down on his lower lip, eliciting a groan from him. “I love you. I love you for all the years you followed me around and waited until I was ready to do this.” She motions around the room, the evidence of their life together. “For sticking with me through everything I once put you through. For marrying me and giving me the most gorgeous, smart, creative, incredible child who reminds me every day how far I’ve come.”

Kate pads barefoot out of the bedroom, the bottoms of her pants sweeping across the hardwood floors. The loft is warm, maybe too warm for the two decade old Stanford sweatshirt that she's bundled into, the oversized fleece pajamas that once belonged to Castle.Collapse )


auld lang syne (2/3) (castle/beckett fic)

Title: auld lang syne (2/3)
Author: sparkles_mouse
Fandom: Castle
Characters: Castle/Beckett
Rating: PG-13
Summary: She's gotten used to the darkness in her daughter's bedroom. She no longer bumps into the dresser like she had on those late nights right after Ava was born; she can sense stuffed animals now, clothes that her daughter loves to pull out during hours of dress up. She doesn't trip over the tiny heels anymore, the Ugg boots that Castle had bought simply because they were so "miniature and sparkly", the American Girl dolls that Ava rarely remembers to put back on the shelf. She knows her child in ways she never thought imaginable and it still knocks her back sometimes, surprises her when she least expects it.

Kate pushes open the door to the loft, the heat a welcomed distraction from the frigid late night air. It's quiet except for the hum of the dishwasher, and she breathes a sigh of relief that the party-goers are gone, the apartment relatively cleanCollapse )


Title: auld lang syne (1/2)
Author: sparkles_mouse
Fandom: Castle
Characters: Castle/Beckett
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Castle smiles, ruffling Ava's hair. She grunts softly but her little hands wrap around his back as if grounding herself to him, staying safe and warm. On the other end of the phone, Kate laughs, but there's something there; longing or regret and his eyes close. "You're not going to be home by midnight, are you"

The lights are dim upstairs, the elongated shadow of his body guiding him down the hall to the last bedroom on the left. There's a thump on the other end and he can't help but smile, pressing his ear against the door. The sheets and blankets rustle; a stuffed animal – maybe two – fall onto the floor. He counts to five in his head before pushing open the door and stepping into the quiet, leaving behind the music and laughter from the party below.Collapse )


30 Days of Happiness: Day 30

I can't believe it's over. I'm sure you're all thrilled lol.

I'm grateful for this entire month because November really was great. I met someone who has become one of my greatest friends. I got to see Stana and Andrew. I won a lunch with Andrew and Terri (so much Andrew this month!) I got to see some good friends. All in all it was a fantastic month and that's awesome.

Today I'm grateful I stayed home from work and rested a lot and am FINALLY starting to feel a little bit better. I'm hoping one more day and then I'm good!

Thanks for reading every day!

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30 Days of Happiness: Day 29

I feel like absolute shit so today hasn't been the greatest. But this is about being grateful so let's see:

I'm grateful tomorrow is Friday.
I'm grateful that my DVR has a bunch of stuff on it including (or will include after tonight) 15 episodes of Castle, Grey's, Parks and Rec, Criminal Minds. And more things I'm looking forward to watching.
I'm grateful I have the place to myself so I can hack up a lung and no one will care.
I'm grateful for fun emails.

The end.

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Nov. 29th, 2012

I love how I did this whole post and LJ is the worst and lost it and it didn't come back. And then it lost it again and only did half my entry. I hate this site. Anyway, here is yesterday's.

-Set a date to meet with the showrunner. I'm excited and nervous and it's a week from today so I can only hope I am feeling better by then.

-Went out to dinner with a good friend who is leaving me next week. She's out here for the semester interning and I am so sad to see her go but so happy I got to spend as much time with her as I did.

-Boss wasn't here. Got to read a lot.

(This entry was way better before this site messed it up. Forever trashing LJ.)

30 Days of Happiness: Day 27

I am the worst at doing this once I get home because I am never on my computer. But a list of yesterday's goodness.

-One of my clients came through for me in a big way. He got me a meeting with a showrunner. The person isn't hiring so it won't lead to a job but I will get to sit in a writer's room next week and just talk to the staff of this show and it's a show I watch so I am really excited to see them start plotting the season. (At least I think I'll get to watch them work a little bit.) I'm trying to stay really positive that even though it can't lead to a job, it'll be a great place to make connections.

-I know I keep going back to my friends and that's probably annoying but I'm reminded again and again how incredible mine are. One of my friends said she'd drive me to the writer's room since it's super out of the way and would be a huge pain for me to get to on the bus. Another gave me a million and one reasons why this was a really good thing and calmed me like no other. Then I did that love meme on LJ and everyone basically said the same thing: Great writer, really good and supporting person and they loved my love for cupcakes (lol.) And really, those are three really awesome things.

-CHIPOTLE! It's been so long since I've had some and it was delicious even though I am missing some tastebuds right now.

-Hot shower and warm bed which made me feel a little bit better.